Learn how to restore your health and vitality, strengthen your immune system, and help fight cancer and heart dis-ease.

To understand how our body fights off the germs, viruses and diseases it encounters everyday you need to understand when and why your body gets sick. And that requires a quick biology lesson.

As you may know, your spinal cord is an extension of your brain. It communicates constantly to every organ and cell in your body through the nerves that extend from it. That's how your body moves, grows, and heals. Your organs and cells then send messages back to your brain to keep it constantly updated as to the body's needs. Hundreds of times a second.

We all know the devastating effects of paralysis and coma, when the brain and spinal cord function is cut off, but few of us know of the devastating effects of spinal subluxation. It is very much like bad reception on a radio. The message to and from the brain to organs and glands is distorted, lost in static. Chiropractic helps reduce this, tuning you in and tuning you up.

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